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Bonus schedule

Target funding: 63000 ETH

End date: Dec 21st 2017

Token Sale Terms

  • Pre-ICO and ICO Participants
  • Founders
  • Management Team
  • Business Development purposes
Token sale terms chart

To be able to secure and maintain the high quality and experienced team in the project, acquire new talent and have a capital reserve, some of the TRS tokens will be distributed among team members, advisors and other supporters. Details below.

  • Pre-ICO and ICO Participants – 60% of TRS created during the creation event will be allocated for the participants of the Pre-ICO and distributed 7 days after the end of the ICO
  • Founders – 20% of TRS created during the creation event will be allocated and locked in a smart contract for 12 months
  • Management Team – 10% of TRS created during the creation event will be allocated and locked in a smart contract for 12 months.
  • Business Development purposes – 10% of TRS created during the creation event will be allocated in a smart contract.

As seen on

What is is the first and only platform that allows users around the world to compete with each other by trading in all available markets, with high prize potential, without risking own money.

Instead of trading their funds on the real market, traders compete in tournaments using virtual funds and real market data. The winners are awarded from shared prize pool.

What are the user benefits?

  • Traders do not risk their money. Rules are simple and clear: small participation fee as well as prize potential are known in advance
  • Win potential is well above any imaginable financial instrument. Assuming $25 participation fee, the first prize is $10 000, making 40,000% return, an impossible achievment on the market
  • Rules are the same for everyone, no privileged insiders.
  • Traders can easily choose tournament that suit their knowledge, skills, desired fee, prize and duration.
  • Traders have many opportunities to learn from others by courses and community

Why we will succeed?

  • We are unique: is the first and only of its kind, the true inventor of the whole new category
  • We will earn money: We have secure, main revenue stream from participants, regardless of market performance
  • We have experience: Our team consists of professionals with exposure to multinational blue chips, FX and market trading, gaming and betting, FMCG, communication and successful new ventures in Forex, Gaming and e-commerce
  • We enter unlimited market: 400 milions traders and players around the world are potentially interested in concept
  • We go everywhere: as one-of-the-kind concept, does not fall under Gaming or Trading regulations. is a skill game, able to operate world-wide as we secured Malta Gaming Authority licence for Skill Games

How it Works

Traders compete in tournaments using virtual money and real market data instead of risking their funds on the real market. The winners in each tournament are awarded from a shared prize pool with unmatched winning potential. collects small fixed administrative fee ensuring revenue stream regardless of market performance.

Platform transparency is secured by blockchain technology. Key data is stored in blockchain so everyone can verify data correctness. Also the way smart contracts works is publicly verifiable. Payment of prizes for winners is guaranteed by smart contract.


The power of Blockchain

We’re building our application as a DApp to provide transparency and visibility into all processes that happen on the platform and also confidence to users. Our application will not require registration so anonymity of users is similar to the typical transactions based on the Ethereum blockchain.

As TRS tokens are the platform currency, users must buy tokens - during our ICO or via an exchange offering the tokens. We will provide integration with external payment providers to facilitate use of the platform by enabling additional channels such as credit cards. We also consider enabling the automatic exchange from ETH to TRS through a smart contract operation.

  • Platform operators define tournaments with set parameters such as the number of participants (min/max), fee, tournament start and end, financial instruments to trade and rules governing the prize split. All tournaments are stored on blockchain for auditability and transparency.
  • After joining the tournament a fee is deducted from the user’s balance. All user trades are verified by a smart contract and recorded on the blockchain to prevent frauds and ensure transparency. For better user experience the platform will reflect market conditions and give real time feedback – so the experience is basically the same as other trading platforms on the market. Once the tournament ends, the application of smart contracts verifies all trades and calculates who the winners are. Then it pays out according to the split rules defined upfront for the tournament. All payoffs are recorded on blockchain so again – everything is transparent and auditable.
  • TraderStars is going to introduce additional tournament type - the one based purely on blockchain. We accomplish that by turning blockchain history Into a synthetic instrument that should be seen as a random generated process. This kind of instrument is targeted at trader with excellent money management strategies, as it is probably the only way to succeed on this market. The instrument will be fully transparent and tamperproof.
Block chain chart

Key Dates

  • 21.11.2017

    ICO Launch

  • Q1.2018

    Private Alpha among TRS holders, Alpha Community Tournamentss

  • Q2.2018

    Private Beta – MVP basic functionality with tournaments

  • June 2018

    Public Beta Release – Start of the project

  • Jul 2018

    Platform launch

  • September 2018

    Update - adding training features

  • November 2018

    Update – adding international championship features

  • Q1.2019

    Update – adding TraderStarsTV and Ambassador’s Club

Management Team

Tomasz Szymański
Witold Gedymin
Oskar Pecyna
Łukasz Tomaszkiewicz
Tomasz Smus
Project Manager
Przemek Napiórkowski
Art Director
Wojciech Mendoń
Project Manager
Paweł Kolanecki
Artur Różycki
Marketing Acquisition Manager
Rafał Wójcik
Operations and Project Management
Rafał Gryń


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